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Core collection

Harm van den Dorpel, Fingerprints DAO x Mercedes-Benz NXT

For Mercedes-Benz NXT's inaugural core collection "Maschine", we teamed up with the renowned artist Harm van den Dorpel and Fingerprints DAO, a prestigious group of art collectors. The generative art collection explores themes of motion, velocity, and perception.


„Maschine“ was minted on June 7 via a rebate Dutch auction. Discover what "Maschine" is all about on this page.


Harm van den Dorpel

Multi-facetted artist Harm van den Dorpel has been at the vanguard of blockchain-based art since 2015. He often uses generative techniques to create works that are constantly evolving and changing. Among Harm’s best-known works is Mutant Garden Seeder, which uses an algorithmic process called Cartesian Genetic Programming to create everchanging and non-repeating forms.

The collection

For “Maschine”, Harm chose motion, velocity, and perception as core themes. Each of the 1,000 unique artworks depicts a mesmerizing radial pattern of complex and constantly changing illusions that occur when certain objects spin and accelerate. This is inspired by the so-called wagon-wheel effect, by which spoked wheels appear to rotate in a way that seemingly contrasts with their true speed and direction. 


As part of the process, Harm created and trained a neural network to identify and select generated outputs in line with his own artistic preferences. While not new to using AI in his work, this is the first time he uses a custom neural network. It is also his first work fully in 3D.


Fingerprints DAO

Fingerprints DAO is dedicated to collecting and creating art built on top of blockchain technology with a high curatorial bar. The DAO collects art and partners with artists to produce new art that explores the possibilities of blockchain technology. Their dedication to advancing outstanding generative art aligns with our vision to create digital objects that stand the test of time. 

Art and design, a dialog

The Mercedes-Benz Design team was involved in all aspects of the collaboration. Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz’s chief design officer since 2016, worked closely with Harm to creatively shape the concept and coordinate creative directions.


Engaging with the arts and co-creation is of course nothing new for Mercedes-Benz. It’s how the Mercedes-Benz designers have always worked – through collaboration and creative interactions within the design department, but also with outside artists.

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Harm about "Maschine"

The artist about the concept, process, and collaboration.